Let Us Make
              Man - Part One 

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Part Two

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"Let Us Make Man", by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (born Louis Eugene Walcott on May 11, 1933 in Bronx, N.Y.), National Representative of the Nation of Islam (NOI). A seminal message on the state of African-American male/female relations and the need for Black productivity. Delivered on the occasion of Men's Day 1993, at Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, DC (USA). The rousing introduction by Rev. Willie F. Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church, provides a valuable history of the NOI's rebirth, under the leadership of Minister Farrakhan, and gives testament to the cooperation between Black Christians and Muslims in the Washington, DC community.

Rev. Wilson and his congregation would later play pivotal organizational roles in the development of the "Million Man March" (1995) and the "Millions More Movement" (2005). Founded in 1930 by Master Fard Muhammad and led to prominence from 1934 to 1975 by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam continues to positively impact the quality of life in America.

...a true gem from the AFRICAN CONNECTIONS video archives.

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