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Now available on DVD:

  • Yeah, Mon! - Highlights of the 2009 Notting Hill Carnival - London


    Organized by Caribbean immigrants seeking to uplift a community fighting racism, a lack of jobs and poor housing conditions, the first carnival was held in 1964.

    Annually attracting participants from throughout the world and bringing huge crowds to the streets of London, the Notting Hill Carnival has grown to become Europe's premier cultural arts festival. Held each August, it is a world-class model of ethnic diversity, tolerance and artistic freedom.

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  • John L. Waller: Striving For Equality

    a David M. Talley Production

    An official selection of the 2011 San Francisco Black Film Festival

    Born into slavery in New Madrid County, Missouri (USA) in 1850, John Waller rose to become a lawyer, publisher and prominent member of the Kansas Republican establishment. Although spurned in his attempts to seek elected office, he was the only African-American elector in the 1888 U.S. Presidential election. In 1891, he was appointed United States Consul to Madagascar, by President Benjamin Harrison. His imprisonment (and subsequent release) by the French, after attempting to form an African-American colony on that island elevated his status to that of an national and international figure.


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Organizational Notes:

In September 2008, we were pleased to relaunch the AFRICAN CONNECTIONS web site, and to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the informational needs of Africa Focused Audiences throughout the world.

Since its inception in 1991, AFRICAN CONNECTIONS has made significant contributions in bringing about a more balanced and multi-faceted view of Africa and the African Diaspora. Our video productions have been warmly received by tens of thousands via broadcast, cable and Internet presentations.

With the redeployment of its flagship web site, AFRICAN CONNECTIONS has begun the necessary process of selectively focusing its resources and attentions in several vital areas: The Environment, Health, Communications, Education, Youth and Sustainable Development.

As we move forward, exciting new technologies will be employed to assist us in reaching and interacting with each of our core constituencies.

The new AFRICAN CONNECTIONS will continue to seek equitable and mutually respectful partnerships with progressive individuals, agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational institutions and media outlets.

We operate in the proud tradition of HARAMBEE - working together for a common purpose.

In the brief time that we have been gone, much has changed:

During our hiatus, plans were made for creation of the AFRICAN CONNECTIONS RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FUND (ACREF). The organization was incorporated as a non-profit entity in August 2009. A generous gift from a private donor facilitated publication of the first documentary production under the ACREF banner in February 2010.

Full details on the structure and direction of the AFRICAN CONNECTIONS RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FUND will be published shortly.

The role of ACREF will be to:

  • Define the mission of AFRICAN CONNECTIONS in 2010 and beyond
  • Identify and prioritize legitimate opportunities for the production and distribution of 'Africa focused' media content
  • Assemble the human, technical and financial resources necessary to carry out the principal aims of the organization
  • Revive and institutionalize the Ethel L. Payne Awards for Excellence in Journalism - first awarded during the 4th African-African American Summit, held in Harare, Zimbabwe (1997).
  • Shepherd and develop AFRICAN CONNECTIONS with strong international input, full transparency and a respect for differing points of view


Oakland, California (USA)

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